Online Learning @Tahunanui School

Learning @ home 

Important links – online learning portal for individuals click here – please email your teacher if you don’t have your childs username and password. 

Expectations –

Please put the health, wellbeing and safety of your whanau “Bubble” first. While at home ensure you have a good balance of screen and non screen time. Do only what you can do. we would expect children to attempt to engage with their teachers and classmates and continue with reading, drawing, physical exercise and numeracy practice.

Student Wellbeing –

Where possible please try and supervise students while online or at least be in the same room if possible. 

Keep screentime at reasonable levels.

Practice SAIL values online


Staying in touch with teachers

Teachers will use text , email, video chats, group chats and emails to parents and students. There will be a mix of  large and small group meetings and teachers will try and personalise learning during this time.

Face to Face Sessions

Teachers and support staff will hold regular online meetings to keep that face to face contact with learners. If possible please try and join in with these, if you need technical support to join these meetings please contact 


Online Learning Websites

As a school we use a variety of online learning websites. Some of these will require usernames and passwords and your childs teacher can supply these. It is easiest however to log a chrome browser onto your childs school account and then their bookmarks, usernames and passwords will automatically populate. login details are typically  example – password example Abc12345 the first time yo log onto your childs account from home you are sometimes redirected to a microsoft logon page. the details for this are the same  ie and the same password (ask your student) if you have password issues please email us and we can change them relatively easily. Here is an instructional video from Miss P 🙂

Common links


Online Safety

At school we have the benefit of filters and monitoring of students online access but as indicated earlier the best practice is supervision, ie having the child in the same room as you while online (when possible) Netsafe have some great recommendations for parents and we will post those here soon.

Network for Learning (N4L) helps to keep your child safe at school. So while your child is learning from home, we have a FREE way to block the worst of the web. To Switch on Safety, you need to change the ‘DNS’ settings on your child’s device. We’ve outlined simple instructions for the different devices at